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All Products
For Love and Lemons
Iris Illusion Bra Top

The kind of lingerie you really want people to see, For Love and Lemons' Iris Illusion bra top (available in black or orchid pink) offers full coverage and thick shoulder straps; the exposed underwire and modern cut-out is a super-sexy, structural look—making lacier alternatives just feel outdated in comparison. Made from soft Lycra with contrasting velvet trim, it's comfortable and functional—not just seductive.

Keith Haring Original Vacuum Cup

For anyone familiar with Japanese pleasure toy design company Tenga's products, the Deep Throat Vacuum Cup is even more enjoyable than their well-known eggs. The hourglass shape (with central squeeze zone) works in tune with the pre-lubricated suction, making it easy to use as well as stimulating. Incorporating the famed pop artist's designs further demonstrates Tenga's commitments to all details of their products.

Imperial Publishing

Created by Jonathan Leder and Amy Hood, DAYTONA harkens back to a time of unadulterated fun and frolicking on the beaches of ‘70s Florida. The full-color photobook features 48 pages of NSFW images—found mostly at thrift shops and flea markets—documenting sultry, sun-tanned spring-breakers as they play naked basketball, lounge in the sand and smile for the camera. DAYTONA is limited to 500 copies.

Janice Handcuffs

For a safe and pleasurable way to toy with control in the bedroom, these leather handcuffs make for something both beautiful and comfortable. Fastened with a side buckle but bound by a double snap hook to D-rings, the cuffs are more about play than power—and all of it is handmade in Italy.

Hot Octopuss
Pulse Stimulator

Meant to stimulate the frenulum, on the underside of the shaft, Pulse by Hot Octopuss offers up high-amplitude oscillations that cause an expansive tingle. The silicon wings expand for all sizes and keep things comfortable throughout. And while it works for solo play, the positioning of the pulse makes for a nice couple's vibrator for shared experiences—all while hands-free.

"Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" Lapel Pin

Melbourne-based Unempire has plenty of salty and subversive sock designs in their collection, but nothing is quite as bold as their "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" lapel pin. Depicting a perfectly manicured hand clutching a vibrator, the pin is made from enamel, metal and plenty of sass.

Fräulein Kink
Fringe Eye Mask

Handmade to order in Berlin, Fräulein Kink's subtle but sexy Justine blindfold comes with gold or silver accents and works with more than just your sight—the soft fringing also awakens your sense of touch. With black velvet trim, a satin ribbon tie closure and the brand's engraved heart logo, it can also be styled as a hair accessory if you're feeling bashful.

Emily & Tony
Ménage à Trois Massage Oil Candle Set

Made from all-natural ingredients like beeswax, soybean oil and coconut oil, these massage oil candles by Emily & Tony nourish the skin while stimulating the senses. Available in Fougere, Cream de Vanilla and Coco, the France-made candles set the mood with their addicting aromas, and the spout makes them easy to pour. If you can’t choose between the three, the Ménage à Trois gift set allows you to mix and match.

Eva Vibrator

With three different settings, the Eva vibrator from women-led company Dame is powerfully buzzy considering its size. But what makes it stand out from other offerings are its two flexible wings, which tuck under the labia majora for hands-free clitoral stimulation. The Eva was designed (by women) to be used during intercourse, but can definitely be used for solo sessions, too.

Booty Parlor
Exotic Sandalwood Vanilla Massage Candle

Sometimes a little bit of fire goes a long way. This much can be said of the "Don't Stop" sandalwood vanilla massage candle, which, when lit pours off rich, scented oil. The warm liquid has been infused with Shea butter, vitamins and rich botanicals that moisturize, stimulate and soften the skin. The package comes complete with a porcelain coaster for resting the candle on for safety.

Fleur du Mal
Haori Kimono

Inspired by the unique genre of Japanese “pink films,” Floor du Mal has updated one of Japan’s most traditional outfits for super-comfy lounging. Their 100% silk Haori Kimono bears peachy chrysanthemum flowers amidst a rich teal background, and features a waist sash, wide sleeves and a mid-thigh length.

Bal d'Afrique Bath Oil

Bath oils have a way of making even a brief soak in the tub feel luxurious. With their Bal d'Afrique scented bath oil, Byredo offers robust yet floral aromatics atop a silky texture that's perfect for all genders. The consistently evolving profile begins with bergamot and ends with Moroccan cedarwood. You'll find everything from marigold to musk and jasmine, in between. It's rich but never overwhelming and takes a bath to the next level.

Long Silk Robe

Made from luxuriously soft 100% silk, New Zealand label Lonely's long taupe robe has been designed to be slightly over-sized in order to offer extra movement and comfort. Complete with deep pockets (for storing midnight snacks or something more saucy) this robe balances a (sometimes impossible) line between sexy and comfort.

Yin Yang Set

Made from crystals that are shaped and polished by hand without chemicals or dyes at select lapidaries, Chakrubs' all-natural sex toys promote wellness as well as pleasure. The Yin Yang set—made from black onyx and white jade—supposedly help filter unwanted distractions, increase emotional stability, encourage self-realization and more. And you'll never have to hurriedly throw them in a drawer when guests come over: for those not in the know, Chakrubs double as beautiful art objects.

We-Vibe 4 Plus

The number one selling couples vibrator brand's latest offering brings the tech level up a notch. The We-Vibe 4 Plus is ergonomically designed to fit inside the vagina (and there's plenty room left for him to slide in) and stimulates the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously during sex–and with the new app, the vibrator can be controlled from anywhere around the world, so you can play even when you're apart.