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Domaines Ott

For a classic French rosé from Provence, find consistent quality from one of the more well-known producers, Domaines Ott, thanks to their gentle approach to nurturing their soil and vines. The distinct, elegant shape of the bottle—and the pale, almost golden, shade of the wine—also makes it a beautiful way to complete a table setting.

Yard Press
New York Polaroids 1976-1989

Yard Press unveils a more personal perspective from the life of a downtown New Yorker with "New York Polaroids 1976-1989." Some 232 pages are held together with twist stitching and a faux leather cover, and within Swiss photographer and director Edo Bertoglio captures the essence of the city with pictures. His portrait subjects include the likes of Grace Jones, Maripol, Glenn O’Brien, Debbie Harry, Madonna and Andy Warhol, and each Polaroid encapsulates the spontaneous and buzzing nature of the medium and the era in which Bertoglio shot.

Pat Kim Design
Zig Zag Cutting Board

The Zig Zag Cutting Board by Pat Kim Design is an American Sycamore wood cutting board that doubles as a serving tray. The board is finished with a natural, food-safe combination of beeswax and oil, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals mixing with your food while you chop or serve your friends and neighbors. Available in small and large, each board comes with a small container of balm to maintain the its good condition.

Beach London
Air Fresheners Of The Apocalypse

Illustrator Jim Stoten's contribution to the Air Fresheners of the Apocalypse collection is bold in design and scent. Inspired by the 1952 post-apocalyptic novel "Daybreak 2250 AD," Stoten's character is a chilled-out mutant—part human, part flower—complete with sunglasses. The scent, created by Bompas & Parr, is reminiscent of coffee and (apparently) the perfume worn by Stoten's girlfriend. Be sure to check out the other artist-designed air fresheners depicting apocalyptic scenarios, all in bright colors.

Matchstick Earring

Palomarie's "Matchstick" single earring is a silver or gold-plated bar with a princess-cut semi-precious stone; options include smoky quartz, black tourmaline, silver topaz or garnet. Katia Davidson Ferrara's brand is based in NYC, with all pieces handmade there—and this thoughtfully made single earring makes for a potentially fiery statement.

Universal Headphone Stand

Take a quick glance at your desk and chances are your headphones are tossed on a pile of papers or books. To add some order to the office or studio space, tech accessories design studio Bluelounge has created a dedicated spot to hang your much-loved hi-fi headphones, no matter how bulky they might be. The cleanly designed Posto universal headphone stand uses micro-suction pads to stay put, and comes in white or black.

ABC Co-Create + Catellani & Smith
Cosmos Nebula Lamp

Created by ABC Home with Enzo Catellani of innovative lighting company Catellani & Smith, the Cosmos Nebula Lamp emits a stunning, otherworldly glow inspired by the colors and light of the universe. Made in Bergamo, Italy, the dimmable light sits atop a brass base (which is 13.8 inches tall) and is a unique way to welcome guests into any room.

Many Peaks Assembly
The Summer Scarf

Rose Megirian created her brand, Many Peaks Assembly, as a way to promote social change through art. Made in collaboration with Over / East, the Summer Scarf combines two bold, original designs on one large silk square. The made-in-Australia scarf can be worn to add a little something to just about any outfit, or hung on a wall as art.

Kimberly Yorio
The Joy of Writing a Great Cookbook

The cookbook section in any bookstore is overflowing with options (many of which are questionable), but only a few become the worn, treasured versions that stay in the kitchen for years. The Joy of Writing a Great Cookbook can teach any food enthusiast to put together their own collection of recipes they can be proud of. In this guide, longtime publicist Kimberly Yorio of YC Media shares hard-learned lessons and truths from working with the most well-known names in the industry—superstars like Julia Child, Ina Garten, Emeril Lagasse and Jamie Oliver.

Don't Worry Baby Back Patch

Toronto-based Stuntin's original patches and pins are weird, sassy and plain fun. Their huge Don’t Worry Baby back patch dresses up a plain old denim jacket with Death—looking very chill in sunglasses—and the reassuring message (and Beach Boys lyrics) "Don't worry baby, everything will be alright." Embroidery has never looked so badass.

From The Road
Yana Journey Scarf

From the Road partners with craftspeople around the world to develop designs that bring traditional techniques, local materials and a modern perspective together. 40% of the retail price from the handwoven Yana Journey Scarf will go directly to the Nepalese artisans who make it, to help them rebuild and recover after the tragic April 2015 earthquake.

Studio Cheha
BULBING Galaxy Lamp

Studio Cheha, a Tel Aviv-based design studio, brings two-dimensional planes to "light" with their optical illusion lamps—which were funded on Kickstarter. Their galaxy-themed BULBING lamp illuminates the room with a small scene from the night sky, featuring planets and stars. More perception-boggling designs will be hitting the MoMA Design Store this August.

Norm Architects for Menu
Fire Basket

Instantly set the mood at summer parties—whether on the sandy beaches, a concrete driveway or lush backyard garden—with this minimalist fire basket by Norm Architects for Menu. Sturdy yet lightweight, this cleanly-designed portable structure beckons people to gather 'round the flames and chat until the embers fade and sun rises.

Flowers 1 Surfboard

Boom-art brings late-17th and mid-18th century Dutch painter Jan van Huysum’s artwork to life with this floral surfboard, individually numbered and hand-crafted in France. Made of polyurethane foam covered in polyester resin, the surfboard is complete with fins, a special certificate of manufacture and a carrying case. It also boasts a wall-hook, just in case you want to display the famous floral paintings rather than ride them.

Bather Trunk Co.
Green Wave Surf Shorts

The Bather Trunk Company may have been developed at the Lake Ontario beach in Toronto, Canada, but the company's product design takes heavy inspiration from streetwear. The Green Wave Surf shorts in forest green are a sleek take on classic swim trunks and are made from 100% quick-dry nylon—taking you from surf to turf in comfort.

New Albion Sports + Prize Pins
#1 Pin

New Albion Sports has collaborated with NYC's Prize Pins and Yimmy Yayo to create a pin to help you get with the winning team. Silver metal and black enamel are shaped into this playful pin that mimics the foam finger, with just as much team spirit—but a less cumbersome size.

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