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Suck UK
Toolbox BBQ

Made to look just like a toolbox, Suck UK's portable BBQ makes for superior picnics and camping. Featuring a grill, warming rack and storage tray, it folds up just like a regular toolbox for easy transportation. With a removable fuel tray for charcoal, the grill also boasts an adjustable vent to control oxygen flow to the coals—meaning you actually alter the heat on which you're cooking.

Graf Lantz
Benton Duffle Bag

Gender-neutral and entirely sophisticated, LA-based Graf Lantz's Benton bag is made from merino wool felt and soft leather, and doesn't diverge far from the classic duffle shape. While it's a roomy piece, it's sill a carry-on (measuring 22"2 by 12" by 9 1/2 inches) so you won't have any difficulty with overhead storage. Featuring two internal pockets and two external, this bag is as functional as it is classy.

People I've Loved
"You Got This" Socks

A very positive way to start your work day: "You Got This" socks from Oakland-based People I've Loved. The words are screen-printed in scribbly font onto plain white ankle socks, and whether you're pottering around the house in them or out in the city, it's a great reminder (and if you're wearing shoes, a smug secret) that you, indeed, can do whatever you put your mind to. Monday, or any day.

Frank Body
Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub

While the combination of coffee and coconut might sound like the perfect breakfast, Frank Body's scrub is for your skin. Made from roasted, ground coffee; grapeseed oil; coconut oil and jojoba beads (plus a little water, salt and sugar), the exfoliator is all-natural and smells delicious. Post-scrub, your skin feels soft and fresh—thanks to the nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

Herschel + GORE-TEX
Albert Cap

Two outdoor experts have come together and created a range that's loud and—more importantly—functional. Herschel and GORE-TEX teamed up for a range of hats that will keep your head dry in rain or even hail. Made from three-layer water- and wind-proof ripstop, our pick is the Albert Cap (the more subtle of the collection) which is adjustable and simple.

Working Girls
Pool Towel

Summer is almost over in the Northern Hemisphere (but is approaching elsewhere) so whether you're making the most of the final beach and pool days, or prepping for those to come, this Working Girls beach towel is reversible and retro-vibed. Designed to look a little like a pool itself (tiles on the border, and body parts inside) it's also tinged with an early computer graphics style. Made in the USA from 95% cotton and 5% polyester, the towel is primarily pink on one side, navy on the other, so it can be flipped depending on your mood or pool fashions.

Nice Laundry
Box of Socks

While subscription boxes offer a delightful surprise, sometimes choosing your own adventure is even better. Nice Laundry's new box-set options are a great way to package a gift for a pal (or yourself) while maintaining control over the styles you end up with. Available in small (six pairs), medium (12 pairs) or large (18 pairs), these sets—with dress socks, no-show and athletic options—are sure to keep your tootsies cozy and happy during all four seasons.

Urban EDC Supply
Astronomer Double Spinning Coin

A double-sided, pocket-sized work of art by Urban EDC Supply and graphic artist Billy French, the astronomer spinning coin features representations of the sun and the moon. Beyond the artistic motifs, however, there's a game-like novelty to the coin—involving patience. If successful, one can launch the coin into a spin lasting up to 10 minutes. Each coin is crafted and individually pressed by Shire Post Mint in Springdale, Arkansas. And they come in six material/finish colorways.

High West
Valley Tan Utah Whiskey

In theory, High West's Valley Tan Utah Whiskey expression is only available in the state of Utah at present. That doesn't mean one can't get their hands on it elsewhere. What makes it special, however, is High West's commitment to an old time flavor profile—which they've achieved by utilizing more wheat (most of which hails from the northwestern corner of Utah) in their mash bill. An old time Utah profile that is, which back in the day was distinct from those from Kentucky and Tennessee because of its specific proportions of wheat. Ultimately though, this is an 87 Proof whiskey that's still pretty light on the tongue with floral notes abound.

Frocks Jacket

Launched some 25 years ago, Columbia's Japan Collection is full of retro stylings that are still wearable today. One favorite is the Frocks Jacket, with its bright color-blocking and boxy shape. Not just aesthetics, the jacket is made of water-resistant nylon and boasts a hood and a drop-tail to offer extra protection from the elements. Lightweight and colorful, it's a great option for transitional seasons and summer downpours.

Smiley Face Cup

There might not be a more cheerful way to drink your coffee each morning than out of this smiley face cup. Crafted from non-toxic, locally sourced materials, it's also food and oven safe. Available in four sizes (from four to 16 ounces), each vessel is made by hand, one at a time. Name him/her anything you like, that golden smile won't change.

Not Another Bill
Profanity Greeting Cards

Perhaps not made to give your grandma (depending on your grandma's taste, that is), Not Another Bill's set of Profanity Greeting Cards don't technically insult the person you give them to—since the cuss words are crossed out. But the terms used—from "shit muncher" to "twat" and more—are playfully rude, and the cards' design is simple but extremely effective. Inside, the cards are blank so you can make up for the swearing with a polite haiku. Each set contains six cards and envelopes. Price is in Euros.

Push Trio Dishes

Available in brass, steel or copper, this trio of dishes (joined together at their edges) arrives the same as each other, but then the owner can press and push them in order to expand to the shape they want. Blending mathematics, design and a little customization, the Push Dishes measure 15cm by 20cm and are perfect for storing precious tchotchkes. Price is in Euros.

The Avalanches "Since I Left You" Vinyl Reissue

The Avalanches' first record Since I Left You, released in 2000, famously features a whopping 3,500 samples. With slightly fewer samples, the band's second record came out this year, but—much to the delight of fans—the Australian group also reissued their debut on vinyl. Leading with the sublime title track, this record begs to be listened to in its entirety—thanks in part to the medley-style continuous flow of songs. Perfectly crafted, the cadence of this release has been considered much more carefully than many current-day releases. Price is in Euros.

Blush and Gold Pyramid Dog Bowl

Treat your pooch (or cat) like the king or queen s/he is with this striking stoneware bowl. With gold pyramid embellishments (that resemble the classic studded pet collars), these handmade and hand-glazed vessels are entirely unique to each owner. Available in small or large, these bowls are so appealing you might want to use it for your own tchotchkes.

Chen Chen + Kai Williams
Monument Bookend

Bookends are oftentimes perceived of as unnecessary or kitsch design objects, but this stunning and minimal version from Brooklyn-based Chen Chen + Kai Williams will make a statement. Made from White Carrara marble, the bookend is shaped to accentuate the material, and it's even padded with black neoprene to protect your treasured tomes.

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