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Welcomecompanions Wagons

Clever utility totes take the shape of tool bags, toy wagons and more

by CH Contributor in Travel on 04 September 2014

by Chantel Tattoli

Welcomecompanions-wagon-1.jpg Welcomecompanions-wagon-2.jpg

Throughout human history, people have schlepped. With baskets, trunks, carpet bags, and fanny-packs loaded, to and fro we’ve gone. Because of this, Californian atelier Welcomecompanions considered “the timeless need to carry and convey” and built a troika of beautiful mules to help move people on their way. Though these wagons have seen some shine since their release a little while ago, we decided to re-engage and take another look.

The “all-duty companions” (as Welcomecompanions' director Laurel Consuelo Broughton calls the LA-made wagons) come in three limited edition models and are distinguished by hardwearing canvas, veggie-tanned leather and weather-proof steel beds painted in a range of sky-sea colors—cerulean, French blue or aqua. Whatever you’re hauling, there's a wagon to take the load off.

Welcomecompanions-wagon-3.jpg Welcomecompanions-wagon-bag.jpg

Wagon No. 1 is the honest mason’s utility bag on wheels, with a leash. This stay-at-home service waits around like a faithful dog, pursing up threshold and bedroom clutter with an appetite that is as adorable as it is useful. No. 2 was designed as a go-go basket for neighborhood missions. The wide-set, big-mouthed wagon can truck, but it is also a great spin on the sedentary toy box or laundry bin.

Wagon No. 3, on the other hand, is an iteration of the standard fold-up grocery-getter known best by NYC's older crowd. It stands upright in the mode of an urban wheelbarrow and is deal for hoofing around the farmers market, or even a classier way to cart clothes to the laundromat. Plus the canvas sack unhooks from its frame and turns into a quickie backpack for lighter loads.

The crafty wagons are available online from Welcomecompanions for between $294 and $490.

Images courtesy of Welcomecompanions


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