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Town Hall Hotel


Town Hall Hotel

East London's newest hotel introduces modern decadence to a repurposed civic building

by CH Contributor
on 22 June 2010

by Shawn Thomson


As the name suggests, a beautifully built, early 1900s town hall houses London's newly renovated Town Hall Hotel in the East End's working class borough of Bethnal Green. While the building's façade is classic Edwardian baroque architectural style, the interior teems with modern elements juxtaposed with original ornate detailing.

town-hall-beth2.jpg town-hall-beth3.jpg

The striking three-story De Montfort Suite (above), for example, preserves the original structure's embellished vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows and Henry Poole sculptures, while integrating a modern appearance with clear glass room dividers and minimalist furniture.


Less grand in scale, the standard hotel rooms are equally well-designed, fitted with Hatt's custom-made bathroom furniture and offering a full supply of convenient amenities. In addition, Town Hall Hotel provides extended stay apartments which include a kitchenette and washing machine.

town-hall-beth8.jpg town-hall-beth6.jpg

A nod to the town hall's 1930 art deco update, the hotel's bar provides a relaxed ambiance among its decoratively stylish space, suitable for a late night cocktail or business drinks.

With its distinct charm and well-designed layout, the Town Hall Hotel makes an appropriate and needed addition to the arts-enthused Bethnal Green neighborhood. Rates begin at £290 per night and vary depending on length of stay and reservations can be made through Design Hotels or the Town Hall Hotel website or Mr & Mrs Smith.

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