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The Shop at The Standard New York

The Standard's Meatpacking Hotel launches a new store as stylish as the hotel itself

by Josh Rubin
on 15 February 2010
The Standard NYC Shop

The Standard New York hotel added a new shop to their NYC stable last Friday, bringing some of our favorite brands (in addition to the expected magazines and sundries) like Wool and the Gang, Papabubble, Krink and Bambu cigarette papers together under their roof. The new boutique will also house Standard branded items and collaborations, including the graffiti-artist-designed city tees and a new limited-edition version of NYC artist Julia Chiang's porcelain apple sculpture.

For the Standard's edition, Chiang added drips and swapped gold glaze for Ferrari red, suggesting both a candy apple and a poisoned fairy tale version. She also installed a piece on one of the store's walls that consists of candy rings spelling out "All For You" and designed to melt over time.

Tucked into a ground floor jewelbox of a space, built-in drawers and display cases, along with curved walls and windows and a central custom eggshell-colored unit, continue the eclectically chic and subtly nautical vibe that runs through the hotel. We had the chance to sneak a peek before it opened, which you can see in the gallery blow.

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