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The Big Chill House

by SummerSeventySix
on 16 February 2006

The Big Chill Festival was one of my highlights of last year, and with Glastonbury taking a break in 2006, it's likely to attract even more people this summer.

Off the back of its success, the Big Chill brand is quietly establishing itself in London. First with its eponymous bar off Brick Lane, and now with The Big Chill House. It's planning an opening in the Spring in Kings Cross—an area of central London that's being regenerated quicker than Shanghai. While the website is a bit a coy about exactly where the House will be, my contacts have told me it will be in the building which used to house a fairly tacky bar, that was dubiously called Sahara Nights. Now, I never thought ending up there one night would provide me with any particularly useful memories, but having seen the space first-hand, I can imagine it being fantastic in the hands of the Big Chill. With three floors, and what was an already-impressive roof-terrace, it should be a destination for Londoners and out-of-towners alike.

Contributed by SummerSeventySix

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