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SuperFuture City

by Josh Rubin
on 13 June 2003
Superfuture is another food, fashion, hotel, and nightlife city guide. But this one is only about the cool stuff. Created by Wayne Berkowitz, here's his Superfuture scenario:

>> the scenario >> I regularly have friends [and others] visit me in Tokyo, however in the last few years rarely find time to show people around. Instead, it goes something like this ::::: Rendezvous at friends hotel bar > grab their cheesy 'Official Tourist Map of Tokyo' > attack with flouro orange marker pen. Harajuku instantly becomes "groovy area", and essential places of interest are usually described as "...near the west exit of Shibuya station in the basement opposite McDonalds..." Of course the problem here is that Shibuya is the most congested shopping zone in Tokyo. Even worse, Tokyo is the most congested urban city on the planet. Add to that > no street names > everything written in Kanji > and constantly changing shop locations. Obviously my friends aren't really going to see half the things they should. Unfortunately there has never a been a solution ?until NOW! >> the solution >> Redesign the cheesy 'Official Tourist Map of Tokyo' for me and my friends [...and of course anyone else who might be interested...]

For now, Superfuture covers mostly Tokyo, New York, and Sydney. They're building up content on other cities pretty quickly. What's even cooler than the content is the fact that they have a full map based interface.
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