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Road Trip: Boulder, Colorado

Nature and fine-dining in Colorado's liberal mountain town

by David Graver
on 15 October 2013
Just 45 minutes northwest of Denver on US-36 is the city of Boulder, another bustling metropolis in Colorado. Boulder is commonly known for stereotypes such as flavorless health-food, dreadlocked hippies, hardcore athletes and copious Birkenstock-wearing students, but the city has much more to offer indoors and out. Boasting world-renowned restaurants, vast national parks, farmers markets and fantastic shopping on the Pearl Street Mall, Boulder is a great trip on any visit to the Mile High City. On your way, stop at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster and once in town, go for a jog or a bike ride along the paths that follow Boulder Creek and then undo it all at Lucile’s with a few New Orleans-style beignets. Make sure you visit The Kitchen, the nationally acclaimed farm-to-table neighborhood bistro where “Community Hour” is from 3 to 5PM. Hiking in Colorado is always a pleasure with picturesque trails and epic vistas. Head west to Chautauqua Park and take a hike up the Mesa Trail for a closer look at the Flatirons. Boulder is home to great food, wilderness, adventure, craft beer and those epic Colorado sunsets. But be warned; it’s contagious.
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