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Passport Sleeve Wallet from Bellroy

Fly light with a no-fuss solution in black and tan

by Josh Rubin in Travel on 22 April 2013


Well-loved by planners and organizers, passport sleeves are nevertheless shunned by the ultra-minimalist traveler. Designs are often plagued by bulkiness (a by-product of too many pockets) and overly tall dimensions (measured to fit a traditional boarding pass). Cue Bellroy, the thoughtful accessory company who previously brought us our go-to travel wallet and has returned with a passport sleeve that is as streamlined as can be.

Two cards, a passport, a boarding pass and a micro-pen—that's all you get. If five items seems too restricting, then move on and leave this for the travel pro who has whittled down his essentials to a frequent flyer and travel reward card. Short and slim enough to fit into your back pocket, the Bellroy passport sleeve features a rear sleeve to stow a folded boarding pass as well as two cards slots on the front. The passport can be removed by tugging on a pull tab, and the pen is conveniently at hand for filling out customs forms.

The passport sleeve wallet comes with a three year warranty and is available from Bellroy's website for $100. Learn more about the wallet by watching the video, and check out The Moneywrap and Tight Wallet for more basic solutions.

Images by James Thorne


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