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Luxe European City Guides

by Letizia Rossi
on 07 September 2006
luxe.jpg Luxe has introduced guides for European cities. With the same first-person, opinionated approach and unique perspective that we loved in their Paris, Madrid, and Istanbul are perfect companions for sophisticated travelers. Packed with information on over 300 bars, restaurants, clubs, spas and cultural activities, each entry bears the publishing editor's personal stamp of approval. Knowing you probably have little interest in visiting the same ubiquitous chain stores available at home, Luxe guides focus on artisans and shops producing one-of-a kind innovative designs. Forgoing graphics, photos, and other filler, the streamlined concertina-format books are the perfect size to fit into a shirt pocket and are updated as often as twice a year, so they are always current. $9 each from Luxe.

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