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L'Appartement 217

by Ami Kealoha
on 20 April 2006

Treatments at the first organic spa in Paris, L’Appartement 217, are so intricate they seem like they might be answers to eternal youth. Proprietor Stéphane Jaulin studied the biology of epidermal rejuvenation, arriving at the perfect menu of revivifying regimens. He offers them in a Parisian apartment space designed under the watchful eye of a Feng Shui master.

Revered Dr. Hauschka’s treatments by Wala are only one of the spa’s many offerings. All reinvigorate the skin without applying aggressive exfoliating or deep epidermal therapies. Deep tissue massages use cold-pressed organic oils from Madagascar. Others use cryogenically compressed vegetable emulsions that encourage cellular regeneration and improved elasticity. The Iyashi Dome uses organic heat in a ceramic dome to encourage a detoxifying perspiration that burns 532 calories on average. L’appartament also offers a Fung Shui approved Aramis laser treatment which does not so much erase furrows but stimulates cells whose regeneration slows with human aging; the treatment is also effective for teenage and adult acne. A full with a spa day includes a spectrum of treatments, diet advice, and consultation physical therapist.

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