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Hôtel Recamier, Paris

A tastefully appointed, low-key retreat in the City of Light

by Evan Orensten
on 20 January 2010
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The newly renovated Hôtel Recamier, located at the core of Paris' Left Bank on Place St. Sulpice, offers guests a low-key retreat from the bustle of the City of Light. Designed by Jean-Louis Denoit, the tastefully appointed hotel is classically French with modern undertones.

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We had the pleasure of staying at the Hôtel Recamier after our trip to the countryside of Reims, where we learned about the process of making Veuve Clicquot. An ideal transition to the metropolis of Paris, the Hôtel Recamier offers spectacular views of the ornate buildings lining the Place St. Sulpice from the terrace. Located within walking distance to the major metro lines as well as the picturesque Jardin du Luxembourg, the hotel is perfectly situated to accommodate any desire.

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With only 24 rooms, the hotel maintains a charming atmosphere, leaving out the typical crowded restaurant in favor of a quaint sitting room with a bar. Each floor boats a different theme, each outfitted with amusing details—like a lamp with duck bronzed duck feet as the stand—interesting sculptures and curious wall coverings. Among other things, we were enamored with the seamless needlepoint lining the elevator walls (pictured below).

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Prices start around €190. Reservations can be made through Tablet Hotels.

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