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Go Clean Wet Suit Bag

Pack your dripping swimsuit without chancing leaks or mildew

by Roman Espejo in Travel on 21 July 2010


Nothing kills summer fun like a wet swimsuit leaking, or worse yet growing mold, inside a bag. Travel gear specialist Flight 001 solves the age-old storage dilemma with their Go Clean Wet Suit Bag. Waterproof and mildew-resistant, the sack keeps your swimsuit separated from the rest of your stuff with a design that's slightly more sophisticated than our usual repurposed plastic bag from a deli.

goclean-wet2.jpg goclean-wet3.jpg

The machine washable nylon bag is double-lined with a removable interior drawstring bag that contains the wet swimsuit and an exterior zippered bag adding extra security.

The Go Clean bag sells for $18 online and at Flight 001 store locations.


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