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Francis Kurkdjian Incense Papers

A French perfumer's scented paper incense strips designed for portability

by Ami Kealoha in Travel on 06 April 2010


Having perfumed bubbles at Versailles, created olfactory installations, and collaborated with dancers, perfumer Francis Kurkdjian is no stranger to clever experimentations with scent. For a slightly less fantastical but equally delightful experience, he infuses delicate little paper strips with versions his signature fragrances—A Piece of Me (APOM), Lumière Noire and Aqua Univeralis—tailored for interiors. The Perfumed Incense Papers come in chic matchbox-style packaging (matches included) and either fold into zig-zags for burning or, slipped into drawers and luggage, keep clothing smelling fresh.

Boxes of 20 sell from Francis Kurkdjian's online store for €18 each or from Bergdorf Goodman for $25.


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