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D'emploi Pilot Duffle

Separate your wet gear in the roomy, dual-compartment bag handmade in NYC

by Graham Hiemstra
on 20 November 2012

Though many contemporary soft goods companies offer handmade products, few take their process as far as Kyle Mosholder. The one-man-team designer and maker behind Brooklyn's d'emploi works from his home studio armed with just a single Depression-era Singer sewing machine. Mosholder makes small batches of bags and garments using domestically produced materials. The latest to hit the streets is the Pilot Duffle, a bag Mosholder has been working on perfecting over the past 12 months. The dual-compartment travel bag comes in especially handy when traveling between varying climates where wet and dry gear is best kept separate.

Pilot-Duffle-2.jpg Pilot-Duffle-3.jpg

The upper compartment is lined with a choice of waterproofed sandstone or desert camo print. The bottom compartment on the adventure-ready bag stretches the entire footprint of the duffel and is easily large enough for two pairs of boots, a wetsuit and booties or even camping supplies. Plus, an all-leather shoulder strap makes schlepping easy.

For a closer look at the Pilot Duffle visit d'emploi online where it sells for $280.

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