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Crumpled City Maps

A map that trades paper fussiness for scrunch-able, all-weather Tyvek

by Maggie York-Worth in Travel on 01 March 2010

crumple-mixedbag.jpg MapCrumple-redo1.jpg

Discouraged by the bulk and complex origami of the traditional street map, industrial designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso created the malleable Crumpled City Map. Printed on Tyvek® and designed to fit into a small bag, this clever reinvention rids travelers of awkward large-scale city maps.

The durable Dupont™ Tyvek® material leads to a waterproof map that easily crumples to fit into the palm of a hand and can be quickly referenced in any climate.


Currently in production, Pizzolorusso hopes to release the maps soon, which will include London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Berlin. See his website for more information.


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