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Art+ Hotel

A Tel Aviv hotel putting Israeli art front and center

by CH Contributor in Travel on 25 August 2010

by Brad Grossman


While plenty of hotel concepts promote art as a selling point, few manage to make the experience meaningful beyond a picturesque marketing device. Not so with Tel Aviv's Art+ Hotel which fluidly blends boutique hotel with an art program focused on local artists—providing an equally relaxing stay for art enthusiasts as for anyone just seeking a little respite from the bustling city surrounding it.

Each floor of the five-story building is dedicated to one Israeli artist, and with new works rotating in every few months—as well as the Gordon Street galleries and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art just blocks away—the hotel makes a great jumping-off point for getting to know the city's art scene. Or, just hang out on the modern lobby's couches and browse their library full of art and design-focused books and magazines.


If you prefer to just lounge in your room, a set of minimalist furniture provides the necessary serene background for the artistic amenities, as well as features like a flat-screen TV and full bathroom. "Looking Good," charmingly etched into each mirror is an Art+ Hotel signature, and free Internet access makes the venue all the more attractive for business and recreational travelers alike.

While there's no room service, one of the hotel's shining features is a daily breakfast spread of pastries, fruits, vegetables and homemade cheeses. Guests can also mingle and discover Israeli wine at a happy hour offered most nights.


Other great features include the Art+ Hotel's own taxi service for transport to and from the airport, as well as free bikes to ride around town or to visit the beach (which is just a few blocks down the street). Rates vary depending on dates of travel, but typically start at around $180 per night. To book, visit the Art+ Hotel website.


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