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Abilmo Pop-Up Hotel Rooms

by Doug Black
on 24 June 2008

The summer is finally upon us, and so begins the annual season of outdoor festivals. For those concert goers who wouldn't dare camp out in a tent—and has a pocket full of disposable income—there's Abilmo. The French company offers temporary hotel rooms that they will construct in almost any location.

Perfect for transient events or lodging in remote places, the rooms bring modern comforts to virtually any location. They are a scant 130 square feet packed with all of the amenities you'd expect from an actual hotel. Rooms have hardwood floors and a cloth ceiling fitted with low voltage lighting. Insulated for both temperature and noise, they are climate-controlled with individual heating and air conditioning systems. There's also a full bathroom with hot water and functional shower.


Currently, they're only available in Europe and prices vary based on location, number of rooms and duration of rental. Contact Abilmo through their website for more information.

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