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Web Design Sketchbook

by Doug Black in Tech on 30 January 2009


Before a website can progress from concept to illuminated pixels, it needs to be rendered the old-fashioned way—with pencil and paper. To save time and improve appearance during the process, the Web Design Sketchbook comes printed with blank web browsers and internet advertisement windows. That way, web designers can quickly depict their vision in a more finalized fashion, and hopefully win some more clients in the process.

The sketchbook was designed by Are Sundnes of Paranaiv. It's currently only available with a Mac-specific Firefox window, aptly assuming that most web designers work on Macs.


The Web Design Sketchbook has 60 pages (45 browser windows and 15 with ad boxes) and comes wrapped and tied in brown paper. It can be purchased from Norway-based Hunting Lodge.

via Paranaiv


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