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Top Five Bikes


Top Five Bikes

by Leonora Oppenheim
on 02 January 2007

If you are into moving fast, keeping fit and living green then you know the only really useful mode of transport in the big metropolis is a bike. Why sit in traffic when you can swerve around it? If you haven't made a New Year's resolution yet then getting a bike should be it. No need to scrimp on style either, check out these top wheels from 2006.

Jorg & Olif
If anyone knows how to bicycle with elegance it's the Dutch. This Canadian company has taken their lead with this traditional style bike.

Paul Smith x Mercian Cycles
For the serious fashionista and the serious cyclist,this is for the speed demons with a colorful dress sense.

3G Bikes
For the sporty type, this bike will make you sweat. Styled like a classic 70s chopper but with a twist—you can't sit down!

Shadow Cruiser
For those street kids who like to be seen, The Shadow Conspiracy created a limited edition of 300 of this black BMX bike with amazing graphics in early 2006.

Anyone with a bike knows how hard it is to hold on it. Bicycle theft in cities is rampant, especially if you've got a limited edition. This British designed Cyclepod is a safe way to park your bikes on the street, keeps them dry and doesn't look bad either.

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