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The Henk

by Evan Orensten
on 09 August 2005
Henk Open
Henk Detail

My fantasy savings account was started for a Chuck Close commission. Then it was a jet share. Now it's for a Henk. Having logged several hundred thousand miles and several hundred hours traveling, you can't help but design your perfect suitcase. The mysterious Mr. Henk did, and it is an object to behold. It's a lightweight carry-on that you can sit on. Fully retractable handle and wheels easily maneuver any airport or airplane. It opens from the sides like a pilot's case. The integrated briefcase can sit inside or outside the case, which is fully customizable and adjustable. Made from carbon fiber, titanium, magnesium and aluminum and finished to your specs with premium wood veneer and horse hair. Genius details include compartments on the top for your small items, a cord for securing the case to your seat, the oversized wheels that ensure stability, roll silently and are large enough that when pulling the Henk they cannot run into you from behind. Truly no detail has been overlooked in this exquisitely crafted jet set accessory.

Only 3,000 will be made per year, with the first orders being delivered this fall. Oh yeah, prices start at £15,620 (around US$28,000). Some of you may be thinking hey, I can buy a tricked out Mini Cooper Sport, or about 280 pair of limited edition sneaks. But there's nothing like traveling in style...

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