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The Art of the Grid Notepads

by Tim Yu in Tech on 26 July 2007


Without grids our lives would be much messier—not to mention less aesthetically pleasing. Grid-It! notepads, specifically Le Modulor by Le Corbusier, helped me to get more organized at home and at the office. Originally designed for his architecture practice, the grid system is based on mathematics and proportions of human anatomy. Different grid lines, lengths, spaces and sections encourage an alternate kind of note taking. The upshot is a structured method for scattering ideas across the page, making me think more laterally and the page ends up looking pretty different than most of my notes. It's also a nice size to keep topics condensed, sectioned and, more importantly, to the point.

The notepads are available in specialized shops worldwide and online from Magma starting at £7. More info here.


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