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SurfaceClean All-Purpose Electronics Cleaner

by Evan Orensten
on 27 June 2008

With the glut of devices comes an abundance of cleaning products tailored to each, adding unnecessarily to our already cluttered lives. SurfaceClean, a new solution due out this September, makes it simple with one product suitable for keeping all technology, from phones and plasmas to eyeglasses and earbuds, ship-shape.

Made without alcohol or ammonia, it won't drip or leave streaks on screens and it's still tough enough to clean layers of grime off laptop keyboards without damaging delicate components. (Do make sure to spray the solution on the microfiber directly; in concentrated form it could discolor some surfaces.)


SurfaceClean comes in a few different forms, but the simplest way to go is the self-contained bottle—a pill-shaped design that conceals a microfiber cloth in one end and the spray tip in the other—also an easy way to stay organized.

For the fussy (that includes yours truly), the Detailing Cleaner Swabs are a particularly ingenious way to get into small places that are tricky to clean with cloths. Breaking off the end of a small vial filled with multi-purpose cleaning solution releases the fluid to the tip for a no-fuss way to clean corners and crevices.

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