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Snow Peak's latest camping innovation melds headlamp and lantern in one compact design

by Josh Rubin in Tech on 17 October 2011


Snow Peak has just launched the SnowMiner headlamp, another top-tier camping accessory constructed with the brand's typical intuitive design and minimalist aesthetic. With enough power to last 140 hours, the compact direct-beam headlamp transforms into a dome-light lantern with a soft pinch of the silicone lens.

CH-snowpeak-headlamp-3.jpg CH-snowpeak-headlamp-2.jpg

When pressed into the concave headlamp position, the lens focuses all 80 lumens of the LED light at one source, offering a concentrated beam of direct light for trekking. Pop out the lens from direct light-source contact, and the SnowMiner becomes a dome lantern, giving off ambient light to illuminate a tent or camp site when hung by the oversized rubber hook accessory.


The adjustable light with four settings—including a strobe—allows the user a wide range of lighting options from one portable source. The SnowMiner is available now from Snow Peak online for $50.


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