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Tulip Lantern

Snow Peak's latest outdoor light uses gravity to determine its illuminated focal length

by Graham Hiemstra in Tech on 01 March 2012


Always a step ahead of the rest in the niche outdoor tech industry, Snow Peak makes intuitive and aesthetically focused backpacking gear and adventure-driven accessories. Building on the strength of products like their titanium iphone case, the Tulip Lantern brings a new level of intelligence to portable lighting with a simple design.


Much like the SnowMiner headlamp, the Tulip Lantern can produce a focused or broad stream of light, but in this case, the variation is controlled by gravity. The lantern automatically changes from a narrow beam when hanging to a more ambient glow when placed upright. The pliable, snake-like stem can be adjusted to produce both settings in both positions, making for a perfectly lit camp site.

Producing up to 250 lumens with more than 100 hours of battery life (when set on low), the powerful little lantern will be available 9 March, 2012 from Snow Peak online for $150.


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