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Saved Tattoo Laser Laptops

by Wendy Dembo
on 19 March 2007

Until now custom laser detailing on sneakers and gadgets was reserved for those lucky enough to make their way into Nike's Lasarium. But at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn, tattooist Scott Campbell will laser a design onto your laptop. For $200, you can choose from several great designs (see them here) or, for an extra $100 set-up charge, you can design it yourself. (Pictured laptop is Kaws' custom design as posted on his blog.) Special guest designers and artists like IRAK, Alife��and Mike Giant will appear on occasion with their own graphics.

Marketing types always talk about the importance of personalizing the "computer experience." We have pictures of our family or pets on our desktops. Now with this new option, you can trick out the exterior as well.

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