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Samsung Ultra Music Phone

by Josh Rubin in Tech on 10 January 2007


With dual LCD screens, Samsung's new Ultra Music Phone is a novel approach to a multi-function device. Like the iPhone, the Ultra Music Phone (SGH-F300) is a candybar-style handset that addresses the need for different interfaces to execute different functions. Screens and controls on both sides—only one side can be turned on at a time—divide the labor, isolating basic phone functions on one side and multimedia on the other. A larger screen has dedicated controls for music (both MP3s and stereo FM radio) and photos, while the other side has a smaller screen for making calls. In a compact package not much bigger than an iPod nano, the Ultra Music Phone includes a 2.0 mega-pixel camera, removable memory (microSD) Bluetooth and extended battery life; it works on GSM networks.


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