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rOtring 800+ Mechanical Pencil and Stylus

A slick combination creative tool, housed in iconic cold metal

by Graham Hiemstra in Tech on 05 May 2014


Founded amidst the Bauhuas design school era in 1928, Germany's rOtring is known for precision-made writing devices and creative tools, designed and built with the highest sense of form and function. To bring the brand into the modern era, rOtring has officially re-launched their UK and US presence with the unveiling of the 800+, a combined mechanical pencil and stylus. We're been using a sample device for several weeks now and have found it to be as useful as it is attractive.


The mechanical 0.7mm pencil clicks into place with a firm twist, then swiftly retracts with a mirrored movement. The cold metal body boasts the same iconic hexagonal barrel and knurled grip the brand has become known for, while adding a soft stylus tip for use on all touch-screen devices. Slightly pliable while responsive, the tip has proved useful for digital sketching as well as simply navigating. Find more at rOtring online, where the new 800+ sells for $85.

Images by Graham Hiemstra


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