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Rotor Digital Camera

Designer Charlie Nghiem reinvents the digital camera's user interface

by Paula Rezende in Tech on 03 October 2011

rotorcam02.jpg rotorcam03.jpg

The Rotor Digital Camera, a concept developed by designer Charlie Nghiem, is in an effort to reinvent a new interface for using digital cameras. Offering an innovative way of browsing through features and options, the Rotor gets rid of buttons all together, instead using a rotational cylinder to scroll through the settings.

rotorcam04.jpg rotorcam01.jpg

The functions of a standard digital camera remain the same, but the user interaction becomes more pleasant as the menu appears on the LCD display screen while browsing through options. Even though still a prototype, it's fair to say that Nghiem has succeeded in making an attractive and ergonomic camera. Fingers crossed that it will jump from concept to production.

via Designboom


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