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Rocksteady XS 1.5 Speaker

An affordable portable bluetooth speaker with plenty of power

by Graham Hiemstra
on 25 June 2013

As we become more mobile as a whole culture, technology continues to adapt along with us. From waterproof smartphones to airplay-enabled audio systems, most every tech company worth noting is launching portable speakers to compete with category veterans like Jambox. The latest to make its way to CH HQ is the small, sleek Rocksteady XS 1.5. Though adorned with some not-so-subtle branding, the extremely lightweight speaker does exactly what it was designed to do—play music at a high volume with clarity from a range of sources.


Unlike most portable speakers on the market, the Rocksteady XS 1.5 devotes special attention to solutions for those times when Bluetooth 3.0 just isn't cooperating. For this, the sunglasses-case-sized speaker sports a mini USB outlet for playing MP3 files from a thumb-drive, or simply for charging your phone. Of course, a standard audio line-in is available for direct connections to a wide range of devices.


To further differentiate itself amongst the competition, the Rocksteady XS 1.5 boasts over 10 hours of playback on a single full-charge of the lithium-ion battery, as well as speaker-phone capabilities. While we found the sound capabilities to be more than adequate, it's no UE Boom, however at $100 you'll be hard-pressed to find a better option. Visit Amazon to purchase.

Images by Graham Hiemstra

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