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New from byAMT

by CH Contributor
on 16 December 2008

by Russ Lowe


Is good design recession-proof? We think so but regardless it can't hurt to hedge your bets on items like those from this latest crop from byAMT that are beautiful, functional, fresh and sensible. And, just in time for stocking stuffing, the Brooklyn design sweethearts, headed by Dutch designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew, recently launched a nifty new web store aptly named buyAMT.

No more rooting through back catalogs or sub-vendors to access their thought-provoking furnishings, playfully ironic jewelry, accessories and conversation-starters. From Alissia's ingenious little riff on the Tiffany solitaire years ago called "Diamond Ring," byAMT's work has evolved but is still charged with the same brow-raising buoyancy as their landmark designs that continue to draw cult-like acclaim.


We're looking forward to the release of the USB keys (top left) in 2009 but for now we're content with the many other items, like the vinyl collaborations Alissia's done with her husband Jan Habraken. The collection of doily-like floor mats (top right) is called "Lacy Sunday" and their other wall graphics (above) by Blik deserve a look too.


Riffing on yet another symbol of luxury and good taste, Alissia's totes are simple and sturdy bags printed with the trompe l'oeil image of a status purse—yes, there have been other similar gimmicks but it's a gimmick we love every time.

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