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New Burton iPod Gear

by Josh Rubin
on 03 November 2003
update: January 4, 2004 I finally found a Burton Amp backpack at Paragon in NYC. So far, so good. Aside from the obvious benefits, it has the right number of pockets, high quality manufacturing, and a sleek design. Let's see how it does when put to task on the streets of NYC... --------------- Burton has released the rumored Amp Pack backpack and three new jackets for use with iPod. The Amp Pack, Ronin and Shield men's jackets, and the Radar 2 women's jacket all use "SOFTswitch technology, which allows the iPod to be controlled through a soft, flexible control pad" (located on the shoulder strap on Amp Pack and on the sleeve for jackets). The new iPod line of Burton products are available in very limited quantities in November 2003 at Burton's new online store, Apple Store online, and authorized dealers in North America, Europe and Japan. Here are links to the Burton catalog: Amp Backpack Ronin Jacket Shield Jacket Radar Women's Jacket via iPod Lounge
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