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Moody for iTunes

by Tim Yu in Tech on 11 December 2007


One-upping most other iTunes enhancers, Moody does a better job of creating playlists by basing them on mood. A Crayon Room creation, it's a more accurate way to predict what you want to hear across all types of music and creates a streamlined, consistent shuffle.

Using a clever, color-coded tagging system, Moody filters songs according to your mood input. You can even customize your color and choose rollover text for each tag to use Moody in your own way. A novel way to organize your iTunes files, what we like best is that Moody leaves it up to type As to interpret and organize songs based on how they personally digest them. If you think a slow song in a minor key is the happiest thing in the world, then so be it.

Watch a tour and download a free version of Moody at the Crayon Room.

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