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PhoneSuit MiLi Power Pack

by Josh Rubin
on 13 March 2009

For anyone who uses their iPhone to its fullest capabilities, you know that while the features are fruitful, the battery life span is not. PhoneSuit offers extended use time without extending the phone's size, with their sleek MiLi Power Pack.

We've been testing ours out and found quite a few useful components making it a worthy contender in a market that includes the Mophie and Fastmac's iV. One of the more convenient aspects is that the power pack charges quickly, and the pass through charging attribute makes it easy to charge both the MiLi and iPhone at the same time. The internal smart chip also allows for priority power consumption, with the iPhone source used last to ensure the iPhone battery has the longest charge possible.

PhoneSuit also made a smart decision to make one device for both the older and 3G versions of the iPhone, both of them fitting seamlessly in the power pack.


The MiLi Power Pack is available online for $80.

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