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Manfrotto Befree Tripod

A lightweight, packable tripod for traveling photographers

by Josh Rubin
on 19 June 2013

No longer does traveling fast and light also have to mean leaving your camera gear behind. Case in point: the Befree Tripod from Manfrotto. Weighing just over three pounds and standing under 16 inches when folded, we found the portable tripod to be more than manageable on a few recent excursions. Central to the experience is the time-saving quick release switch at the base, which allows for fast set-ups into two level leg positions, as well as speedy breakdowns as the legs can be folded 180º from standing. Then it's easily stashed in the shoulder-strap-ready padded pouch—a handy accessory for location jumping.

Manfrotto-Befree-tripod-2.jpg Manfrotto-Befree-tripod-3.jpg

While its compact size may ultimately be the Befree's strongest selling point—it's certainly carry-on luggage compatible—the tripod is far from dinky. The Italian-made aluminum body can take a beating and keep on standing, further proving its travel readiness. And, to accommodate a wide range of shooting positions and framing adjustments, an aluminum ball head tops the Befree, which as a whole can be extended to over 56 inches.

Manfrotto-Befree-tripod-4.jpg Manfrotto-Befree-tripod-5.jpg

The Befree travel-ready tripod can be found at Manfrotto for $233.

Images by Graham Hiemstra

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