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Lomo Printshop

by Ami Kealoha in Tech on 04 November 2005


More custom photo products and more from Lomo via their month-old Printshop. Working with "the finest professional photo lab" in Vienna, Lomo prints customers' images onto stickers or transforms them into oversize mosaic wall-hangings. Sticker rolls ($15) come in two dimensions, either 2" x 1.2" stickers (64 per roll) or 4" x 2.64" stickers (16 per roll), and can be printed with many unique images as there are stickers per roll or with duplicates. The "Clipwall" starts at $50 and tops out at $175 and 13 square feet on the website, but huge sizes, alternative shapes, and other customizations are possible. Both products take about a week to process before they're shipped from Austria.

Look out for more customizable products, like snowboards, shower curtains, and wallpaper, from Lomo soon!


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