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Kodak Easyshare V705

by Ami Kealoha in Tech on 08 August 2006


Launching today, the V705 is the latest in Kodak's series of Easyshare cameras. Loaded with a 2.5-inch hi-res LCD screen, two pro-quality lenses (for portraits and panoramas), anti-blur technology, and their "in-camera stitch" that merges three images for 180° views, it's an ideal camera for capturing stunning vistas and birthday party memories. The real feat, however, are the two seven megapixel sensors that are packed into a body that's under one inch wide, making the V705 the world's smallest digital camera with these features.

Stay tuned for a hands-on review and a Kodak V705 giveaway later this month.

Also see the premiere version to feature Kodak's two lens innovation, the V570, in this CH video: CES 3: LED Billboards and Kodak V570


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