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Kenu Highline iPhone Case

An elastic safety leash and phone case, perfect for snapping pics in precarious places

by Hans Aschim
on 10 December 2014

Whether you're dangling off a glacier, ice axe in hand; knee-deep in a river while fishing; riding the chairlift; chances are you'll want to snap a few photos. You'll also want to keep your phone from plummeting into an abyss, a body of water or anywhere else catastrophic for a device. Luckily the team at San Francisco-based Kenu knows that hanging onto phones is a challenge for some of us—especially in extreme conditions. The Highline—now available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus—is a slip-resistant case with an elastic Kevlar safety leash. Simply attach the loop to a zipper pull, carabiner or belt loop for a secure connection. In addition to the case, the leash attaches to the phone via the Lighting Port, creating a secure connection that won't damage connection pins. Snap alpine selfies with the confidence that your phone will be with you for aprés drinks in the lodge.

The Highline for iPhone 6 starts at $30 from Kenu, with previous iPhone model variations available as well as extra leashes.

Image courtesy of Kenu

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