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Kebei Li Bronze Cable Holder

Cast bronze cubes keep all your cords and cables in place

by Graham Hiemstra in Tech on 11 February 2014

kebeili-bronze-block-1.jpg kebeili-bronze-block-2.jpg

Whether it's a disobedient power cord or an extra-long headphone line, unruly cables can overwhelm an otherwise organized desk. RISD industrial design student Kebei Li offers a simple solution with the Bronze Cable Holder. The cast bronze cubes sit atop cords to prevent them from falling off your desk. Suction cup tape on the block's feet keep the tiny cube stationary on just about any surface without leaving residue behind. And, when not in use, the sculptural cubes are attractive enough to leave out in the open without adding to the clutter.

Visit Kebei Li online for more information and to see many other impressive projects.

Images courtesy of Kebei Li


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