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First Flush Film

The Impossible Project's eerie new instant film

by Laura Neilson in Tech on 23 April 2010

ImpossibleProjFlush-1.jpg ImpossibleProjFlush-2.jpg

Having achieved their goal of bringing instant analog film back into production, The Impossible Project's latest effort continues to revive and remaster the concept. Their limited-edition "First Flush" series introduces a silver-based monochrome film, currently available in two formats, 600 and SX-70. Though results may vary with each individual package depending on light, temperature, as well as possible early-batch defects, the overall effect lends a ghostly quality to snapshots.

ImpossibleProjFlush-3.jpg ImpossibleProjFlush-4.jpg

The new format is an experimental exploration, upholding their mission of not simply reproducing Polaroid products. Rather, they use the defunct company's equipment to develop advanced film that remains loyal to Polaroid's timeless aesthetic. As the ongoing reinvention builds momentum, expect to see color film in the next few months.

Exclusively available for in-store purchase at the Photographer's Gallery Bookshop in London, the film also sells for $21 via The Impossible Project's online shop.


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