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Horological Machine No. 3

by Watchismo
on 20 October 2008

I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in the world to see the latest from Maximilian Büsser & Friends last week. Max and Stephen Hallock of MB&F met me for breakfast at NYC's Brasserie to unveil the most amazing of their Horological Machines yet. I hate to use one word to describe the HM3 Sidewinder and Starcruiser but here it is: Wow.

Summed up, this watch has two variations. The red gold Starcruiser (above) and white gold Sidewinder (below) both feature two sapphire cones rising up from the case. One displays hours and has a day/night indicator, while the other displays minutes. Ceramic ball bearings transmit the info to laser-cut hands and remain visible as a drivers-style watch on the side. Each watch shown here displays 10:45 am.


But what really sets it apart is the fact the movement with automatic rotor is upside down! No more turning your watch over to show off its most essential element. The signature "Grendizer" (a popular Japanese TV robot) battle axe rotor swings wildly under each dome adding to the many layers of the most dimensionally effective Horological Machine to date.

The date wheel surrounds the movement through each dome and indicated by an arrow cut into the case.

Two styles are available in both red gold and white gold for $74,000 each. The Starcruiser has both cones on the inside of your wrist and the Sidewinder with cones vertically next to your hand. Both are read easily without turning your wrist. Great when you're driving so fast you can't take your eyes off the road...or sky.

Read the complete press release and see more images on my site.

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