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Help Remedies

by Wendy Dembo
on 11 April 2008

Richard Fine, one of the founders behind the new Help Remedies that you may have noticed around recently, stopped by our office this morning to give us some of the first samples of his reinvented bandages and acetaminophen. The well-designed, eco-packages look as good in person as they do in photos and the un-boxing was a delight, with text and design accents revealing themselves step by step. We particularly love the "help" imprinted on the tablet and the stretch of the bandages, made from hydrocolloid (the same material used in hospitals), outperforms any others we've tried. The cheeky text, printed on reverse of the packaging and on the inside, also sets the brand apart from others. (See after the jump for images.)


In fact what compelled Richard to come up with the products was a desire for exactly opposite of what's already out there. After experiencing a headache and visiting a store in search of something to get rid of it, the fluorescent lights and the terrible packaging screaming weird things like "dual action formula" and "now with extra powerful relief" only made his headache worse. Richard, whose parents are both doctors, says that, "our goal was to make real medicine a bit more approachable and understandable."

The Help line is available from the Help site at $6 a pop, but watch out for them at boutique hotels and design stores.

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