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Hello Kitty Solid Gold Playing Cards

by Ami Kealoha
on 01 October 2007

by Brian Ashcraft

If nothing says luxe like gold playing cards, then nothing says WTF like gold Hello Kitty playing cards. Starting 3 October 2007, Sanrio will start selling solid gold Hello Kitty trumps in honor of Kitty's 33rd anniversary. Each 99.99 percent gold card in the deck of 54 is sealed in a protective laminate, measures at 58 x 89 mm and is pressed to a thickness of seven microns thanks to Mitsubishi Materials Corp.'s precision rolling tech. Talk about thin!

The cards feature Kitty-chan (as she's known in Japan) in various states of royal wear. The reverse of the cards shows the cat character against a Union Jack and an apple. Hello Kitty was born in London and is said to be three apples heavy and five apples tall. The deck lists for ¥567,000 ($4,900). How about them apples.

via Pink Tentacle

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