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Freehands 2010

Stay warm and keep in touch with smartphone-friendly gloves that aren't just for nerds

by Katie Mendelson in Tech on 09 November 2010

Freehands iPhone Gloves

Just in time for the arrival of frosty winter temperatures, Freehands debuts their new and updated gloves for Fall/Winter 2010.

As with all gloves in the line—the brainchild of our own founder Josh Rubin and his father, glove manufacturer Stanley Rubin—Freehands' latest in digit-warming fashion continues to feature a flap on the thumb and forefinger of the gloves that allows wearers to type on their iPhones or hand-held electronic device, but with updated twists on their now widely knocked-off design. Choices for ladies have expanded considerably, including snazzy, striped wool knits in an array of colors. The limited edition cashmere gloves, first introduced last year now feature magnets to hold folded-back finger flaps in place, and the length of the microfur gloves has been extended, ensuring toasty warm forearms, too. And the snug-fitting liners with conductive finger tips are now available in both a 2 finger phone version and a 5 finger iPad version.


To ensure that no hand warmth will be sacrificed by texting, or vice-versa this year, check out the full line at


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