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First Look: Sonos Digital Music System

by Ari Bendersky
on 24 March 2005


Until I had my iPod and Tivo I never knew how much I needed both. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to test out the Sonos Digital Music System, I smack myself in the head and wonder how I ever lived without it. This is one of the coolest gizmos to hit the market in a long time – and it couldn’t be easier to set up and use all over your house – literally. If your home is networked wirelessly, you can set it up in about 10 minutes. No joke.

Controlled by a ZonePlayer connected directly to your network via Ethernet, you can have up to 32 total ZonePlayers throughout your home (depending on the size, you may only need two). The best thing about the ZonePlayer, other than its sleek, lightweight design (it only weighs 10 lbs.), is it acts as a wireless transmitter. The more ZonePlayers you have, the stronger the signal throughout your home.

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