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by CH Contributor
on 06 March 2008

by Sara Huston

An invitation-based online service, Ffffound allows members to post and share their favorite images—from '70s album covers to contemporary art and outer space nebula— from the web. Like Amazon and Netflix, the site dials up similar images for perusal according each user's tastes and interests. Members save their favorite images, creating an ever-expanding grownup version of a picture book on the web.

The truly beautiful part of the site is the sweet, almost analog (in a good way) feel. Click on “New for you!” to browse member's posts. The intercepted images can be paged through and loaded in list or tile view. I’m also happy to report it works well on iPhones; add it to your homescreen for quick access.


My favorite part of the Ffffound experience is it does not require the user to fill out lengthy profiles, so there is no commitment/obligation to update a profile. Currently, new user registration to Ffffound is through invitation only. If you want to become a member, you’ll have to find a member and hope they will share. (Thanks to KVR for sharing!)

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