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BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

A clever accessory for tech-savvy cyclists

by Karen Day in Tech on 19 March 2010


Cyclists sick of juggling an iPhone while trying to ride will appreciate this waterproof iPhone case that easily attaches to any set of handlebars. Made by the sustainability-driven bike company Dahon, the BioLogic bike mount allows for tracking of speed, GPS, and distance, using apps like EveryTrail (free) or MotionX GPS ($3). The adjustable accessory also securely pivots the phone from portrait to landscape positions, an essential capability for those who want to take pictures or videos—a built-in membrane shields the lens.

biologic_bikemount_for_iphone_open_new_1.jpg bikemount3.jpg

The silicon liner keeps the phone in place, while a hard outer shell protects it from the elements. Safeguarded openings offer weatherproof support for headphones and charging cables too.


The BioLogic bike mount sells from Amazon.

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