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Anthony Burrill: One For Me, One For You


Anthony Burrill: One For Me, One For You

by Tim Yu
on 16 July 2007

Known for bold graphic work reminiscent of vintage propaganda posters and vector graphic instructions, English artist Anthony Burill created "One For Me, One For You", the latest up in the award-winning Zune Arts project. (Click above image for detail.)

Burrill's trademark clean typefaces and line drawings combine with a witty sense of humor to playfully convey simple yet effective messages. Highly sought-after, leading ad agencies around the world have tapped his potent aesthetic in campaigns for Diesel, Nike and the London Underground, among others. He's also created interactive web-based projects for Air and Kraftwerk, while producing short video and animation pieces with collaborative PAM. Busy and engaged, Burrill is super-productive but soft-spoken and credits his success to following his own advice and motto, "work hard and be nice to people."


Tell us about your installation for the Zune Arts project.
The installation is comprised of four repeating rows of images I created using Illustrator and printed on light gray cardstock. The individual panels are all simple line drawings that somehow relates to the Zune experience...burning of records, sharing experiences, smiling faces. I like the repetition because it has an even sort of feel to it. I don't usually work in this scale, so I definitely had to think it through.

Were the individual images made with the cohesive bigger picture in mind or did it develop naturally?
Yeah, I suppose it was made with the bigger picture in mind. There is some sort of sub-level thread but it was also a natural progression. All the images are made with a point width of two so they naturally fit together and match. I was picking and choosing images with a similar idea in mind, however, yeah, I think they could all work standing alone.


How did you get involved with this sort of media?
When I was younger I used to copy and draw record sleeves and logos all the time, that was my thing. All of my friends and classmates use to have branded bags and clothes. I used to have an unbranded bag that I would then brand by drawing logos with marker. I was always trying to copy the logos and trademarks perfectly. This type of controlled drawing is evident in my work today.

All of your work is very simple and clean. What is it that you like about the simple aesthetic?
That is how I live life as well, just keep things very simple. I don't like anything to be too complicated. Overall I like things that are easy on the eyes. (Pictured left, click for detail.)

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