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Aiaiai Y-Com Earbuds

by Ami Kealoha
on 18 August 2008

The offshoot of a 200-member creative collective that was active in Copenhagen during 2005-2006, Aiaiai's headphones win points for their playful sense of design and sound quality. Collaborating with fellow Danes Kilo Design, the look avoids traditional black and chrome colorways as well as the dreaded all-white altogether, instead opting for a contemporary palette. Their latest model, the Y-Com, is a more streamlined version of their original swirl earbuds and is iPhone compatible.


The Y-Com is Available in a few different colors but we like the grey and pastel version (pictured above left) for the slightly medical feel. Other design features of note include the Y-shaped bit of plastic and thicker cords that both prevent annoyingly tangled wires. An inline mic has a button for controlling phonecalls and the iPod and the plug fits first-generation iPhone jacks. Three sets of buds (two silicone and one foam) adjust the headphones for comfort and all promise sound-isolation and full-spectrum sound, thanks to engineering by C4 studios.

Packaged in a slim acrylic tube (pictured above right), we think they're more than worth the €55 pricetag. Buy them from Aiaiai. For $65, you can get the non-iPhone version, the Y-Model, from Digitalfix.

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