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3G Bikes: The 3G Stepper

by Evan Orensten
on 03 August 2006

The 3G Stepper is a cross between a bicycle and a StairMaster; it rides like a bicycle but is propelled by a vertical motion with your feet on two decks on either side of the frame. You stand up while riding, and your upper body gets as good a workout as your lower body does.

Arriving in stores in September 2006, the 3G Stepper will come in four models: Junior (for 5-8 year olds); Spyder (for 9-13 year olds); Diablo (8 speed); and the Hammer/Work It models in aluminum, also with 8 speeds. Prices will range from $199-$649. Full size images of the models after the jump

For more information on the 3G Stepper contact 3G Bikes.

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